waxed cotton canvas apron detail with grommet and veg tan leather strap

16oz Hard Waxed Canvas

Originated by early mariners, waxed canvas remains well loved for both its beauty and its performance. Natural wax is applied to cotton canvas, creating a water-resistant surface.

Our waxed canvas is a durable yet easily-totable 16 ounces. Our wax is 100% natural and applied by hand. While waxed canvas is water resistant, it is not water proof; to maintain the protective waxed surface of your FAT FELT, reapply wax to your canvas annually. If performance is not your top priority, let your product age without re-waxing and enjoy the surface as it softens over time.


When your waxed canvas FAT FELT arrives, please expect it to have some creases in the waxed canvas at the fold lines, and some possible wrinkles from shipping. These are easily removed with a standard hair dryer or heat gun; just apply heat from the dryer near the surface of the bag and watch the creases dissolve. This process does not diminish your product's performance.

Waxed canvas can become spotted in the rain. To remove spotting, use a hairdryer or heat gun in the same manner as described above.


If you choose to reapply wax to your FAT FELT, we recommend Martexin Original Wax, which is made in the USA, affordable and easily available online. Follow the directions on your wax jar.

Never wash waxed canvas with soap or detergent as it degrades the wax. Instead, spot clean your product with water and let it dry. Or, hose it off, brush lightly with a soft bristled brush and let it dry.


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Through a natural process of tanning with vegetable tannins - a variety of botanical ingredients - our leather is supple and beautiful. It feels as good as it looks.

This natural leather will patina over time; changing is part of its charm. 

Because our vegetable tanned leather is quite durable, no maintenance should be required. Just use and enjoy.