Comfort & Kindness, FAT FELT's Sister Company

comfort and kindness ease kit aromatheraputic waxed canvas folio

In early 2017 my mom died. It still crushes me to say those words, much less type them here. To our family the magnitude of her absence is immeasurable.

Out of this loss my sister, Korinne Krieger, started Comfort & Kindness, which curates symptom-specific aromatherapy kits. Her company shares our mom's initials, and her kits were inspired by her time caring for our mom during her last months. 

The products, which include beautiful and useful teas, essential oil roll-on sticks, candles, lip balm, shower tablets and essential oil mist, are all neatly contained within a waxed canvas folio designed by FAT FELT. 

Our collaboration was fun; the results are beautiful. These kits make wonderful gifts for anyone, for any occasion.

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